Vicky Spooner Rosettes, quality rosettes handmade in Dorset

Horse Show Rosettes Dorset

We make rosettes for a range of horse shows across Dorset, producing rosettes for all equestrian needs. Our rosettes have featured in shows including BHS Pony Clubs, shows and camps, Nunney International Horse Trials (the replacement venue for Longleat, for whom we also provided rosettes for years), and county-level competitions.

We make rosettes for The Half Moon Hanoverian Stud near Shaftesbury, where they have several series of dressage and show jumping competitions - and have a horse they bred, Half Moon Adelphi, on the Olympic dressage long list. We also make rosettes for several other equestrian centres that put on the full range of competitions

Dog Show Rosettes Dorset

In addition to horse show rosettes, we provide rosettes for a range of dog shows across Dorset. We can provide rosettes for all the sections, working, pastoral and best of breed rosettes, for both adult and puppy classes.

And you don't need a formal dog show to benefit from rosettes - we supported our village fete by providing rosettes for a small dog show as part of the fete. The show resulted in the best revenue ever, with more people encouraged to visit on the day, and with good size rosettes and plenty to go round (every dog took a rosette home!)

Rosettes hand made in Dorset for any occasion

From rosettes for village fetes to animal show rosettes, carnival rosettes, special occasion rosettes and rosettes for agricultural shows, our Dorset-based hand-made quality rosettes are designed to order and highest quality every time.

In addition to rosettes we also provide a range of show sundries, including sashes for everyone from carnival queens to heavy horses! Every rosette is hand made in house to ensure the finest quality at all times, and with my interior design background, every rosette will be perfect in colour combination.